Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG)

ProtocolStatusStart DateEnd DateClinical Trial IDDetailsPublic Dataset
PON1 - Pediatric Optic Neuritis Prospective Outcomes StudyUpcoming   View  
CEOS - Congenital Esotropia Observation StudyClosed12/01/1997 12/01/2000 NCT00000163View  
ATS01 - Occlusion versus Pharmacologic Therapy for Moderate AmblyopiaClosed04/25/1999 04/01/2001 NCT00000170View  Download
ATS01-Ext - Long Term Follow Up of Amblyopia Treatment (Extension Study)Closed04/25/1999 04/30/2001 NCT00000170View  
ATS02B - A Randomized Trial Comparing Part-time Versus Minimal-time Patching for Moderate AmblyopiaClosed05/07/2001 09/01/2002 NCT00094679View  Download
ATS02A - A Randomized Trial Comparing Part-time Versus Full-time Patching for Severe AmblyopiaClosed05/08/2001 08/01/2003 NCT00094744View  Download
ATS02C - An Observational Study on Recurrence of Amblyopia After Discontinuation of TreatmentClosed05/12/2001 11/30/2003 N/AView  
ATS04 - A Randomized Trial Comparing Daily Atropine Versus Weekend Atropine for Moderate AmblyopiaClosed06/03/2002 12/31/2003 NCT00094614View  
ATS03 - An Evaluation of Treatment of Amblyopia in 7 to <18 Year OldsClosed10/22/2002 02/28/2006 NCT00094692View  Download
ATS05 - A Randomized Trial to Evaluate 2 Hours of Daily Patching for Amblyopia in Children 3 to <7 Years OldClosed12/31/2003 12/19/2005 NCT00091923View  Download
ETS1 - An Observational Study of Infantile, Acquired Non-accommodative, and Acquired Partially-accommodative EsotropiaClosed06/02/2004 06/23/2008 NCT00310960View  Download
ATS07 - Bilateral Refractive Amblyopia Treatment Study: Response to Treatment of Previously Untreated Presumed Bilateral Refractive AmblyopiaClosed08/02/2004 10/10/2006 NCT00305955View  Download
ATS08 - A Randomized Trial Comparing Atropine to Atropine plus a Plano Lens for the Sound Eye as Prescribed Treatments for Amblyopia in Children 3 to < 7 Years OldClosed02/01/2005 01/29/2008 NCT00315302View  Download
ATS06 - A Randomized Trial of Near versus Distance Activities while Patching for Amblyopia in Children 3 to < 7 years oldClosed02/01/2005 10/26/2007 NCT00315198View  Download
NLD1 - A Prospective Study of Primary Surgical Treatment of Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction in Children Less Than Four Years OldClosed02/01/2005 09/30/2006 NCT00315289View  Download
NLD2 - A Prospective Study of Surgical Procedures for the Treatment of Persistent Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction in Children Less Than Four Years OldClosed02/01/2005 02/22/2008 NCT00315315View  Download
COMET2 - A Randomized Trial of the Effect of Progressive Addition Lenses Versus Single Vision Lenses on Low Myopia Associated with Large Accommodative Lags and Near Esophoria in ChildrenClosed04/01/2005 03/31/2010 NCT00320593View  Download
ATS09 - A Randomized Trial Comparing Patching to Atropine for Amblyopia in Children 7 to < 13 Years OldClosed08/24/2005 12/18/2007 NCT00315328View  Download
X01 - Correction of Refractive Error for Amblyopia ProtocolClosed01/01/2006 12/31/2013 N/AView  
ATS11 - A Randomized Trial to Evaluate Combined Patching-Atropine Treatment for Residual AmblyopiaClosed01/01/2007 06/02/2009 NCT00506675View  Download

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